Cringe Moment Conversations 101–A Better Way

Imagine emerging from a cringe moment conversation with relief, respect, and a path forward. This complimentary Masterclass will help you understand cringe moments at a deeper level, and give you strategies to immediately implement in your next challenging conversation.

When it matters most, we may do our worst. Why is that? Ironically, the more critical the conversation the more likely we are to handle it poorly. Our emotions don’t prepare us to communicate effectively in these situations. Our adrenaline is high. Our mental acuity implodes. We fear making the situation worse.

Often, we are tasked with conducting conversations with others about poor performance or conduct, downsizing, termination of employment or a breach in ethics.

Typical responses to these conversations are:

  1. avoid them (62%)
  2. face them and handle them poorly (35%)
  3. face them and handle them well (3%)

What if you could master handling these conversations effectively?

JOIN US for a complimentary Masterclass aimed to equip you with knowledge and tools that decrease the dread of cringe moment conversations. Mastering these competencies will increase your confidence and willingness to step into discomfort.

During this Masterclass you will learn to:

  • Understand the complexity of cringe moment conversations
  • Recognize typical responses to cringe moment conversations
  • Identify deceptive choices we make to resolve cringe moment conversations
  • Gain insight into managing defensiveness
  • Discover the “4-P Process” to navigate a cringe moment conversation

Cringe Moment Conversations


Date: Thursday, March 25th

Time: Noon-1pm Eastern (9-10am Pacific)

Where: On Zoom


As an Executive Coach, my passion is supporting leaders through conflict and difficult conversations. When it matters most we may do our worst. While others flee from the scene, I am eager to lean in and aid the situation. I support leaders who are facing (what I affectionately call) cringe moment conversations.

My near 30-year professional experience includes working with leaders in Fortune 500 companies, university presidents and provosts, legal and medical professionals, and individuals. Additionally, I have enjoyed writing throughout my career, publishing more than 200 articles and my most recent book Who’s the Boss: Confront the Elephant in the Room (2016).

Rachel is a high energy, articulate team player who collaborates and consistently exceeds expectations in delivering on strategic goals. She has an amazing ability to create ‘greatness out of great mess!’ I consider Rachel one of my most trusted advisors because of her ability to remain objective, calm, and focused.

Robert D. Ramirez

Chief Executive Officer and Transformational Leader