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The following case studies provide real-life cringe moment situations in which Rachel coached executives, leaders, and even a university student through delicate conversations. Many times, cringe moments take place over time, during multiple conversations. As a master of cringe moment conversations, Rachel gives an excellent analysis of these case studies, illuminating the high and low moments of these situations.

A University Athlete Confronts an Abrasive Head Coach

After years of enduring an abrasive Head Coach, Casey found herself in a cringe moment conversation that might jeopardize maintaining her dream of being an Ivy League softball pitcher. Would she stand her ground and demonstrate her personal values in this conversation? Read on, as Rachel Schaming shares how she coached Casey through an ongoing cringe moment conversation.

Making a U-Turn from Unsafe Work Direction

As a University leader, Fred was asking his direct reports to cut corners on campus projects, ultimately impacting the safety of new construction. During a leadership development class, he identifies what he needs to do to have a successful cringe moment conversation with his boss about how to change the work direction and employee morale. 

Tackling a Major Reorganization Head-on with Values

In working with a large organization known for procrastination and avoidance, Rachel Schaming coached a leadership team through a significant downsizing and reorganization effort by bringing preparation and values to the table. Rachel describes each step of the process, including key questions leaders were asked and scripts for notifying employees of their separation. 

From an Angry Bullying Person to Positively Progressing in His Relationships

Larry was on the brink of termination when Rachel began coaching him. In a short eight weeks, their work together was revolutionary to Larry’s professional, and even personal, relationships. In this case study, Rachel describes what needed to happen in order for Larry to amend his bullying ways. 
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