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Abrasive Leader Diagnostic™

This assessment is designed to determine whether the individual under consideration has an abrasive leadership style. No email address is required to receive the results.

How would your life change if you could tap into your full potential?

Are you struggling with your work relationships?

Have you received feedback that you are perceived as abrasive or a bully?

Do you need support for organizational or human resources concerns?

Rachel Schaming Executive Coach

Executive Coach

I am Rachel Schaming and as an Executive Coach my goal is to support you through conflict and challenging conversations. When it matters most – we may do our worst. While others flee from the scene, I am eager to lean in and aid the situation. I support leaders who are facing (what I affectionately call) cringe moment conversations.

Often CEO’s and Senior Leadership are tasked with conducting difficult conversations with others about poor performance or conduct, downsizing, termination of employment or, perhaps a breach in ethics.

Typical responses to these dreaded conversations are 1) avoid them (62%), 2) face them and handle them poorly (35%) and 3) face them and handle them well (3%).

Contact me for a complimentary consultation to discuss your cringe moment scenario and learn more about the support I can provide.

“Rachel is a high energy, articulate team player who collaborates and consistently exceeds expectations in delivering on strategic goals. She has an amazing ability to create ‘greatness out of great mess!’ I consider Rachel one of my most trusted advisors because of her ability to remain objective, calm, and focused.”
–Robert D. Ramirez, Chief Executive Officer and Transformational Leader


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Rachel Schaming Executive Coaching

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